Here at Pitusa we love avocados…like, we reallyyyy love them. So much, that we’ve made avocado pom poms (coming soon, no worries). There’s a lot of avocado toast swirling around, especially in Miami, so here’s a lil’ guide to some hidden and some not-so-hidden spots to grab the yummiest toast!

Dr Smood

Key Flavors: Olive oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, pepper, Smood “Performance Bread” made with organic spelt flour and millet flakes

Atmosphere: Relaxed, grab-n-go or sit-n-stay (wifi!), multiple locations

Quote while eating: “Dr Smood’s avo toast made me fall in love with avo toast again. I think I’ve had it 3 times this week.”

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CREAM Parlor

Rose Petal Latte with homemade rose petal syrup.

Key Flavors: Feta, egg, mixed greens, Zak the Baker Bread

Atmosphere: Fun and eclectic; there’s an amazing outdoor patio and various indoor seating options. The staff is so welcoming…you will probably make a friend or two while you’re inside. One, one-of-a-kind location!

Quote while eating: “Avo mash with a perfect consistency. These pieces of feta are like surprises in my mouth every time I take a bite.”

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Rail 71 Cafe

Key Flavors: Feta, “special spice blend,” tomato, tropical salsa, truccione toast

Atmosphere: Cafe style, the right amount of background noise if you want to get a little work done (wifi)! One, one-of-a-kind location!

Quote while eating: “It’s like a tropical climate decided to be a toast.”

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Key Flavors: Olive oil, sea salt, thick piece of Zak the Baker Bread

Atmosphere: Cafe-style with restaurant-like service, sit-n-stay (wifi), also really easy take-out!

Quote while eating: “This avocado mash is no joke– hello amazing chunks that are still in line with a perfect toast-to-avocado ratio.”

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